Reminder: Validate Your NIH ID Badge before August 29th!

Beginning Monday, August 29, 2005 your NIH ID badge will be electronically verified when entering the campus through employee vehicle entrances, pedestrian portals and pedestrian turnstiles. Positive electronic verification will occur if your ID badge is current (not expired), is not damaged and is programmed for perimeter access.

How do I know if my badge is working properly?

Test your ID badge at any of the six badge validation stations on and off campus:

  • Building 31A
  • Building 45
  • Building 10 (B1 Level Hospitality Desk)
  • Twinbrook II (12441 Parklawn Drive)
  • 6130 Executive Boulevard
  • 6700 B Rockledge Drive

How does the badge validation process work?

The validation stations have card readers similar to the card readers at building entrances. When you present your badge to the card reader you will experience one of the following:

  1. The light turns from red to green and beeps - your badge is working properly.
  2. The light flashes red and green intermittently and beeps - your badge is functional but needs to be programmed for perimeter access. Contact your Administrative Officer.
  3. The light does not change from red to green and does not beep - your badge needs to be replaced. Contact your Administrative Officer

If you carry more than one badge, you must separate your NIH ID badge from other badges to prevent signal interference and a possible ‘false’ red light. Written instructions are also available at badge validation stations.

For more information check out the Frequently Asked Questions or contact the ORS Information Line at or 301-594-6677, TTY 301-435-1908.