NIH Perimeter Security System Testing to Begin on August 16

On Tuesday, August 16, 2005 ORS will begin testing new security procedures and equipment to prepare for the implementation of the NIH Perimeter Security System on August 29.

Testing will be conducted randomly and intermittently at vehicle and pedestrian entrances during normal business hours and after hours.

During testing, you can expect any of the following to occur:

  • You may be asked to present your NIH ID badge at the card reader at vehicle entrances
  • Guards may request that all vehicle occupants display some form of proper ID at employee vehicle entrances
  • Traffic signals at vehicle entrances may change from red to green as your ID is verified
  • Mechanical arms at vehicle entrances may be raised and lowered periodically
  • If entering campus through a pedestrian portal or pedestrian turnstiles, you may be asked to use your NIH ID badge at the card reader
  • Visitors going through vehicle inspection stations may be asked to step out of their car to be searched with a hand held wand while their vehicle is inspected
  • Off campus shuttles may be inspected prior to entering the campus There should be minimal impact to traffic flow. Current access rights and procedures will not change during this testing phase since the testing is only for physical equipment. NIH police officers and security guards will be on hand to assist you, answer your questions and provide assistance as necessary.

We appreciate your cooperation as we move into the final phase of preparation for August 29.

Questions? Check out Frequently Asked Questions or contact the ORS Information Line at, 301 594-6677, TTY 301-435-1908. Watch for future notices about NIH security in global e-mails and at