Update: Validating NIH ID Badges

The following is information clarifying what to do and what to expect when validating your NIH ID badge.

The ID badge readers at the validation stations are similar to the card readers at building entrances. When you present your badge to the card reader you will experience one of two scenarios:

  1. When you approach a validation station, the light will be red. When you present your badge to the card reader, it will beep and the light will turn green indicating a valid, functional ID. The reader will then ‘reset' to red, ready for the next customer.
  2. When you approach a validation station, the light will be red. When you present your badge to the card reader, the light stays red or alternates between red and green. This indicates a problem with your card and it needs to be replaced. Please note: If you carry more than one badge, it is important that you separate your NIH ID badge from other badges before presenting it to the card reader. This will prevent signal interference and a possible ‘false' red light caused by other cards.

Self-service badge validation stations are available at six convenient locations. Please note: The station in the Clinical Center has been moved from the old Admissions Desk in the south lobby to the Admissions Desk in the Clinical Research Center (CRC) main lobby. Also, the station at 6700 Rockledge Drive is now operational.

Badge Validation Stations Now Open:

  • Building 31A
  • Building 45
  • Building 10 - Clinical Center (Note: new location – CRC, B1 level Hospitality Desk )
  • Twinbrook II ( 12441 Parklawn Drive )
  • 6130 Executive Boulevard
  • 6700 B Rockledge Drive If your badge needs to be reissued, contact your supervisor or Administrative Officer to begin the process for a new badge. Written instructions will also be provided at the badge validation stations.

It is important to have a fully functional ID badge before August 29 for easy access to the NIH main campus. This badge validation process only confirms your access to the perimeter of campus. Any changes to building access are coordinated through your Administrative Officer.

Watch for future notices about NIH security in NIH publications, global e-mails and at http://www.security.nih.gov. Still have questions? Contact the ORS Information Line at orsinfo@mail.nih.gov or 301-594-6677, TTY 301-435-1908.