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Pre-Cleared Visitor Program (PCVP) 

The Advanced Accompanied Visitor Pass system has become part of the new Pre-Cleared Visitor Program (PCVP). This program is designed to help employees facilitate easier campus access for their guests. Two or more business days before the guest's arrival, a sponsor can fill out the appropriate request with the guest's information. The information is then forwarded to the NIH Police, who will review the request and provide the appropriate pass if everything is in order. For the AAVP, the NIH requires the employee requesting the pass to accompany the guest at the point of entry. Further description and the process for requesting a PCVP are located at the link above.

Accompanied Child Visitor Pass (ACVP)

All children under the age of 16 accompanied by an NIH employee or contractor holding a valid NIH ID are allowed to enter the main campus through any employee or visitor entrance where a guard is present... More | Download Form PDF Document

Safety and Security FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) related to Safety and Security at the NIH.

Conditions for Access to and Use of NIH Facilities for Group Functions, Activities, and Special Events PDF Document

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Emergency Numbers
  • On Campus: 911
  • Off Campus: 9-911
  • Ft. Detrick: 9-911
  • RML: 0